@inproceedings{HoarauEtAl2013, author = {Hoarau, Charlotte and Christophe, Sidonie and Musti\`ere, S\'ebastien}, address = {Dresden, Germany}, title = {Mixing, {Blending}, {Merging} or {Scrambling} {Topographic} {Maps} and {Orthoimagery} in {Geovisualization}?}, abstract = {Topographic maps, orthoimagery, vector thematic data convey various views of the real world. Geovisualization tools and geoportals wide-ly provide these heterogeneous data to users. They bring users to co-visualize them in order to make suitable visualizations adapted to a task, a purpose or an application. Nevertheless, existing tools do not help to make satisfactory, elaborated and efficient visualizations. This paper presents a part of a PhD work in progress: conceptual and technical issues about pro-posing raster and vector co-visualization methods are detailed. The authors aim at proposing tools to explore a continuum of possible visualizations, between the photorealism of an orthoimage and the abstraction of a topo-graphic map. Three methods to reach this objective are presented and dis-cussed: patchwork between a map and an ortho-image, adaptive symboliza-tion when overlaying data and fluid camouflage of a map in an ortho-image.}, journal = {26th International Cartographic Conference (ICC'15), Dresden, Germany}, publisher = {International Cartographic Association}, month = aug, year = {2013}, keywords = {hybrid representation, merging, adaptive symbolisation, orthoimage_backgrounds, realism, abstraction} }